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    Bankruptcy trustees & consumer proposals in St. Catharines

    Harris & Partners Inc. is a full-service insolvency firm in St. Catharines. We offer several solutions to help you ease the burden of debt.

    Our team of experienced administrators knows just how to help you in your situation, such as:

    consumer proposals
    – bankruptcy
    – debt management

    At Harris & Partners Inc. in St. Catharines, we offer a variety of services to fit your needs!

    If you or a loved one need help with debt problems, we can help by offering debt solutions in St Catherines. We strive to help you regain back financial control!

    Licensed insolvency trustee in St. Catharines

    There are many variables that influence financial difficulty. Unexpected circumstances such as:

    – Physical and mental health issues
    – Job loss
    – Simply living above your means

    We understand these problems can result in overwhelming debt that seems impossible to pay off. Let the St. Catharines Licensed Insolvency Trustees at Harris & Partners Inc. help you regain financial control by providing a range of debt relief services.

    Do you have questions on how you can deal with unmanageable debts? If you are overwhelmed with payments, obtain debt help today by calling the Licensed Insolvency Trustees at Harris & Partners in St. Catharines, Ontario.

    Call us today at 519-756-8190 to speak with our experienced team dedicated to your financial success.

    Alternatively, book a free, no-obligation consultation online.

    St. Catharines Office

    Our expert bankruptcy trustees understand the feeling of having financial troubles, and we are here to help guide you to financial success!

    If you have any questions for our professional Licensed Insolvency Trustees in St. Catharines, we would love to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your options and figure out the best solution to give you peace of mind concerning your debts. Call one of our friendly staff today to schedule an appointment.

    Your estate manager in St. Catharines

    Susan has worked in the insolvency field since the early 1990s and joined Harris & Partners Inc. in 2001. Susan has earned a Certified Insolvency Counsellor under the BIA.


    36 Page Street, Suite B, St. Catharines ON, L2R 4A7

    How to get there

    Transit: Take either 308/408 or 337/437 from the downtown terminal.

    Driving: We are located in St. Catharines, just south of the QEW. Exit at Niagara Street, turn right/south until Welland Avenue. Turn left and continue past Herman’s Building Supplies. The building is on your right at the corner of Tasker and Welland.

    Office hours

    By appointment only:

    Monday: 08:00 AM – 04:00 PM
    Tuesday: 08:00 AM – 04:00 PM
    Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 07:00 PM
    Thursday: 08:00 AM – 04:00 PM
    Friday: 08:00 AM – 04:00 PM

    Danger signs of bankruptcy

    If you think you might be on the edge of filing for bankruptcy, ask yourself the following questions:

    – Do you have to use credit cards to pay for everything?
    – Can you only pay the minimum monthly amount on your credit card?
    – Are you constantly borrowing money?
    – Have your creditors repossessed your car?
    – Have your creditors sold your debt or placed your account with a collection agency?

    Debt has a way of creeping up on nearly anyone with a credit card. It’s easy to acquire a large amount of debt when faced with house payments, car payments, or student loans.

    If you recognize any of those warning signs in your life, you may be headed for bankruptcy.

    Frequently asked questions

    What can you help with?

    Debt consolidation
    – Danger signals
    Consumer proposals
    Corporate insolvency
    – Court-appointed receivership
    – Complex commercial matters

    Let the St. Catharines Licensed Insolvency Trustees at Harris & Partners help you regain financial control.

    What is a consumer proposal? Alternatives to bankruptcy

    In need of an alternative to bankruptcy? File a consumer proposal!

    By negotiating with your creditors, you can file a consumer proposal that will require you to:

    – Pay back only a portion of all your debts
    – Allow creditors to make up the remaining balance

    Contact Harris & Partners Inc. in St. Catharines today to learn more about consumer proposals.

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