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    Debt solutions in Ottawa

    If you need help with debt solutions, personal bankruptcy and consumer proposals in Ottawa, then you’ve come to the right place. Harris & Partners have over 50 years of experience helping Canadians solve their financial burdens.

    Our Trustees provide essential professional help if you’re considering bankruptcy, consumer proposals, corporate bankruptcy, or debt consolidation. The initial conversation with our licensed insolvency trustees is completely free, so if you or a loved one are searching for financial help and a debt solution in Ottawa, then speak to our expert team. 

    Licensed insolvency trustee in Ottawa

    If you are trying to find solutions for your debt problems, we can provide assistance for more than just bankruptcy in Ottawa. We are qualified to provide debt relief solutions, offer debt restructuring advice, and work on your behalf with your creditors to reduce your debts.

    If you have any questions about how to resolve your own unmanageable, obtain debt help today by calling the Bankruptcy Trustees at Harris & Partners in Ottawa, Ontario at 613-656-6591, and speak with our experienced team who are dedicated to your financial success.

    Ottawa Office

    Although your financial situation can be a burden, the Harris & Partners team of insolvency experts and bankruptcy trustees can help you find debt solutions in Ottawa. Call us today to set up a no-obligation appointment and see what we can do for you.

    Your estate manager in Ottawa

    Joshua joined Harris & Partners in 2016 after completing his Master’s Degree in International Business. In 2018 he became a CIRP, a Licensed Insolvency Trustee in 2020.

    He is a certified Insolvency Counsellor and has a firm grasp on helping clients get a fresh start. He also manages the firm’s advertising and technology.


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    Are you in danger of going bankrupt?

    Unmanageable debt has a nasty habit of sneaking up on you and taking over your life. Ask yourself the following questions and answer them honestly:

    – Do you have to use credit cards to pay for everything?

    – Do you use your credit card to pay for essentials like gas and food?

    – Do you like awake at night worrying about your debts?

    – Can you only afford to pay the minimum monthly amount on your credit card?

    – Are you constantly borrowing money to get through the week?

    – Have you had threatening letters from your creditors?

    – Do you have to borrow even more money to pay off other debts

    – Have your creditors sold your debt to a debt collecting agency?

    If you recognize any of these signs then it would be a good idea to speak to one of our insolvency trustees for advice. You don’t have to let debt rule your life anymore – we’re here to relieve you of the burden.

    Frequently asked questions

    What’s the difference between a consumer proposal and bankruptcy?

    Consumer proposals in Ottawa may be an alternative to bankruptcy if your debts aren’t too severe. Whereas bankruptcy is often seen as a very last resort because it means surrendering your assets to pay your creditors, consumer proposals are much less restrictive.

    Our insolvency trustees will negotiate on your behalf with your creditors to get your monthly payments reduced as much as possible. If they agree, you’ll make one monthly payment to the trustee and they’ll disperse the funds accordingly. 

    For more information on bankruptcy, consumer proposals and other debt solutions in Ottawa, contact us today.

    How do I get debt help in Ottawa?

    If you are trying to find solutions for your debt problems, we can help you with more than just bankruptcy. Our solutions include debt consolidation, consumer proposals and bankruptcy for corporate and personal financial problems.

    We’re here to help. Ask us about…

    Debt consolidation
    – Danger signals
    Consumer proposals
    Corporate insolvency
    – Court-appointed receivership
    – Complex commercial matters

    Let the Ottawa Licensed Insolvency Trustees at Harris & Partners help you regain financial control.

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