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    Experienced bankruptcy trustees & consumer proposals in Calgary

    When it comes to consumer proposals, debt solutions, and personal bankruptcy, our bankruptcy Trustees have been helping the people of Calgary to regain control of their finances for over 50 years. Our Trustees provide professional help when you’re considering bankruptcy and can help you with a great many financial solutions.

    If you or a loved one need help with debt problems, we offer debt solutions in Calgary that can help.

    Licensed insolvency trustee in Calgary

    Do you have questions on how you can deal with unmanageable debts? Are you lost when it comes to finding a solution to your debt problems? Then our Licensed Insolvency Trustees (LITs) can provide assistance for all types of debt restructuring, including bankruptcy, in Calgary. We are also qualified to provide debt solutions and offer advice on how to work with your creditors. 

    If you are overwhelmed with payments, obtain debt help today by calling the Licensed Insolvency Trustees at Harris & Partners in Calgary, Alberta. Call us today at 587-315-1475 to speak with our experienced team dedicated to improving your financial education, relieving your financial difficulties, and leading you to financial success.




    Calgary Office

    If your financial situation is becoming a burden, Harris & Partner’s team of insolvency experts can help you find a solution for bankruptcy in Calgary. Call us today to set up a FREE initial consultation appointment to see what we can do for you.

    Your estate manager in Calgary

    David joined Harris & Partners in 2021 after spending 10 years with Deloitte & Touche and Alvarez & Marsal Canada. David has obtained degrees and professional programming experience from both the University of Prince Edward Island and Haskayne School of Business School at the University of Calgary. David became a Licensed Insolvency Trustee in 2016 and helps manage the firm’s Alberta practice.

    David’s focus is on providing insolvency services to both individuals and small-to-medium businesses in the Alberta region. His goal is to ensure his clients achieve their financial rehabilitation goals via guidance from Harris and Partners.



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    Danger signs of bankruptcy

    Bankruptcy is a scary thought for many as society has attached negative connotations to it. Yes, it is a last resort, but it’s actually a positive thing to realise that your debts have spiralled out of control and you need to do something in order to get back in the black.

    Situations where you may consider applying for bankruptcy include:

    • Needing to use credit cards to pay for basic essentials, such as food and utilities,
    • Only being able to afford the minimum payments on your credit card, meaning you are paying more in interest than you are actually paying off,
    • If you are constantly borrowing money – either from friends and family or ‘doorstep loans’,
    • If you have received final demand warning letters and you can’t realistically pay them,
    • If you are losing sleep worrying about your financial situation,
    • If you don’t know how you’re going to be able to keep up your repayments,
    • If you have had personal effects repossessed in order to pay debts that you owe.

    If any (or all) of these scenarios sound familiar, then it may be time to speak to our Insolvency Trustees about bankruptcy proceedings. There is nothing to be embarrassed about, everything is confidential, and we can help you to get back on track to financial stability in a short period of time.

    Frequently asked questions

    Are there any alternatives to bankruptcy?

    If you are in any kind of financial predicament then you might be concerned that bankruptcy might be your only option to remedy the situation. However, there are many other potential solutions that may fix your financial situation better than bankruptcy, including:

    Everybody’s financial situation is unique to them, both in a business and a personal sense, so if you feel like your finances are spiralling out of control, book in for a FREE initial consultation with our Trustees who can guide you towards the best solution for your situation.

    My personal situation has changed and I can only afford to pay a portion of my debts - what do I do?

    Long-term illness, redundancy, and needing to become a full-time carer for someone; these are all potentially life-changing situations which can negatively impact your income – and they aren’t your fault. Depending on the severity of your situation we can potentially help you to come to an arrangement with your creditors to make partial payments to them, circumventing the need to go bankrupt. Get in touch with our Calgary LITs for more information.

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