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    Experienced Bankruptcy Trustees in Regina

    If you’ve been living with debt in Regina and need help managing it, you’ve come to the right place. No matter how you accumulated your debt, our sole interest is in helping you address it so it can become manageable in your daily life. 

    Our Bankruptcy Trustees in Regina help people regain control of their finances and have been doing so for over 50 years. Being fully accredited in our field, we can give you sound legal financial advice and legally represent you when speaking to your creditors.

    Is bankruptcy my only option?

    Due to the long-term effect it has on your credit score, we suggest you don’t resort to bankruptcy until it is the only option. If any of the following sound familiar, bankruptcy may be an option to look into:

    – You use credit cards to pay for daily essentials, like food and bills

    – Your monthly interest is higher than your monthly credit card income 

    – You’re constantly borrowing money from various sources

    – You’ve received letters from creditors

    – You’re losing sleep due to your financial situation 

    – Bailiffs have repossessed some of your personal belongings to help pay off your debts

    If any of these resonate with your personal situation, it may be time to speak with our Regina Insolvency Trustees about bankruptcy proceedings. We hope you don’t feel embarrassed to discuss these matters with us, everything is 100% confidential and done in a way that will help you get back on track with your finances.

    Regina Office

    Although your financial situation can be a burden, Harris & Partners team of insolvency experts can help you find a solution for bankruptcy in Regina. Call us today to set up an appointment and see what we can do for you.

    Your estate manager in Regina

    Doug joined Harris & Partners in 2021. Doug has been in the industry since 2014, during which time he completed his Chartered Insolvency and Restructuring Professional designation in 2017 (CIRP), and a Licensed Insolvency Trustee (LIT) in 2019.

    For Doug the most rewarding part of his job is witnessing the transformation of an individual not only financially but mentally, after they get their finances back on track.

    When he’s not working, you can find him enjoying the west coast lifestyle and spending time with his family and friends.



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    Alternatives to Bankruptcy in Regina, Saskatchewan

    A consumer proposal, debt consolidation programme, or debt settlement plan may be viable alternatives to bankruptcy. These are all possible means to lowering or eliminating your debts and leaving you without stress and with more disposable income for yourself and your family. 

    If you are overwhelmed with payments, get help today by calling the Licensed Insolvency Trustees at Harris & Partners in Regina, Saskatchewan.

    Licensed Insolvency Trustees in Regina

    Are you unsure about how to tackle your debt problems? Do you have some questions as to how to deal with mounting debts? Our Licensed Insolvency Trustees are here to help. 

    We can present you with a number of solutions based on your unique situations to help you manage all the stress and anxiety that comes from unmanageable debts.

    Frequently asked questions

    Are there any alternatives to bankruptcy?

    If you are in any kind of financial predicament then you might be concerned that bankruptcy might be your only option to remedy the situation. However, there are many other potential solutions that may fix your financial situation better than bankruptcy, including:

    – Court-appointed receivership

    – Consumer proposals

    – Corporate insolvency

    – Debt consolidation

    Everybody’s financial situation is unique to them, both in a business and a personal sense, so if you feel like your finances are spiralling out of control, book in for a FREE initial consultation with our Trustees who can guide you towards the best solution for your situation.

    My personal situation has changed and I can only afford to pay a portion of my debts - what do I do?

    Long-term illness, redundancy, and needing to become a full-time carer for someone; these are all potentially life-changing situations which can negatively impact your income – and they aren’t your fault. Depending on the severity of your situation we can potentially help you to come to an arrangement with your creditors to make partial payments to them, circumventing the need to go bankrupt. Get in touch with our Regina LITs for more information.

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