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    Bankruptcy trustees & consumer proposals in Regina

    Harris & Partners are on hand if you require assistance with debt relief in the Regina, Saskatchewan area. We can issue you a consumer proposal catered to your financial needs as a means of avoiding bankruptcy.

    Alternatively, we can help you throughout the process of declaring personal bankruptcy, should your financial problems merit it.

    Debt Solutions in Regina

    Unload your financial difficulties to a team member at our Regina office – 2010-11th Avenue 7th Floor Royal Bank Building, Regina. We can provide you with a debt solution, help you with credit counselling, account for unsecured debts, and organize debt consolidation into monthly payments.

    Thousands of Canadians turn to Harris & Partners for help through financial strife, with offices found all over the country, and now residents of Regina can, too. So book a free consultation today and make a move towards gaining your fresh financial start.

    Regina Office

    Although your financial situation can be a burden, Harris & Partners team of insolvency experts can help you find a solution for bankruptcy in Regina. Call us today to set up an appointment and see what we can do for you.

    Your estate manager in Regina

    Doug joined Harris & Partners in 2021. Doug has been in the industry since 2014, during which time he completed his Chartered Insolvency and Restructuring Professional designation in 2017 (CIRP), and a Licensed Insolvency Trustee (LIT) in 2019.

    For Doug the most rewarding part of his job is witnessing the transformation of an individual not only financially but mentally, after they get their finances back on track.

    When he’s not working, you can find him enjoying the west coast lifestyle and spending time with his family and friends.



    2010-11th Avenue 7th Floor Royal Bank Building

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    Licensed Insolvency Trustee in Regina

    Harris & Partners is a registered Licensed Insolvency Trustee (LIT) and has been approved by the Office of the Superintendant of Bankruptcy (OSB) to provide trusted solutions for debt relief.

    If your debt has been mounting up for a while and you’re struggling to see yourself getting out of it alone, Harris & Partners can provide you with the support you need. Each of our team members is a Licensed Insolvency Trustee meaning that we can devise the right debt solution for you and ensure that a manageable way out is found.

    Debt can affect anyone – health, loss of work, or spending above your means can land you in a difficult financial situation that can grow exponentially worse over time. But, no matter the reason for requiring debt help, we’re here to pave the way towards becoming debt-free by using our expert knowledge and experience.

    The Regina Office

    Before filing for personal bankruptcy, arrange for a no-obligation consultation with Harris & Partners so we can understand your debt situation fully. Harris & Partners may be able to identify alternative routes out of your financial mire, such as creating a more manageable consumer proposal that will keep you afloat and your creditors happy.

    Even if your financial situation is beyond repair, and you see no other way out than to file for bankruptcy, call Harris & Partners to help guide you through the legal process, and provide you with advice on other services. Many Canadians have found solace by agreeing to a free, no-obligation consultancy with Harris & Partners.

    Frequently asked questions

    What is a consumer proposal?

    A consumer proposal is an alternative debt solution recommended for those who could still potentially clear debt without declaring bankruptcy. A consumer proposal is arranged between the debtor and Licensed Insolvency Trustees and, once agreed upon, is legally binding. What is agreed upon is the percentage of which the debtor will pay back monthly to creditors.

    The consumer proposal process aims to reduce the amount owed to a manageable rate to provide debt help.

    How much debt do you need for a consumer proposal?

    A consumer proposal is recommended to any debtor that owes less than $250,000 in debt.

    What's the difference between a consumer proposal and bankruptcy?

    Both creating a proposal and filing for bankruptcy are considered debt solutions. However, in the former, the debtor gets to keep their assets, whereas, in the latter, they have to relinquish their holdings. You can devise a consumer proposal with the help of Licensed Insolvency Trustees.

    What percentage do you pay in a consumer proposal?

    The percentage you pay in a consumer proposal depends on how much you agree upon between yourself and your creditors.

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