Danger Signs of Too Much Debt

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    Signs of too much debt

    Are you worried you may be headed for bankruptcy? As personal bankruptcy experts in Canada, Harris & Partners Inc. is here to help you recognize the warning signs so that you can act before it’s too late. When it comes to debt help, Canada relies on our firm for professional assistance.

    What are the warning signs of bankruptcy?

    Has your personal debt been a worry in your life recently? If so, ignoring your debt will not help. Bills will continue to come in, and if you do not deal with them, you could be headed towards bankruptcy. If you think you might be on the edge of filing for bankruptcy, ask yourself the following questions:

    • Do you have to use credit cards to pay for everything?
    • Can you only pay the minimum monthly amount on your credit card?
    • Are you constantly borrowing money?
    • Have your creditors repossessed your car?
    • Have your creditors sold your debt or placed your account with a collection agency?

    If you recognize any of those warning signs in your life, you may be headed for bankruptcy. Debt has a way of creeping up on nearly anyone with a credit card. It’s quite easy to acquire a large amount of debt when you’re faced with house payments, car payments, or student loans.

    Debt can be overwhelming, but once you’ve acknowledged that you need to get control of your debts and the associated late fees and interest payments, you’ve taken the first step toward financial recovery. There are debt relief options available for you, such as creating a debt repayment plan and ensuring that you manage to pay your monthly minimum payments, and we encourage you to act sooner rather than later to get you on track to becoming debt-free.

    Danger Signs

    Ontario debt assistance: How can Harris & Partners Inc. help you?

    When faced with financial difficulties and debt, it can be hard to know where to turn. One of the best things you can do when struggling with overwhelming debt is to ask for help from qualified professionals. As a full-service insolvency firm, we’re here to help you ease the burden of debt. Whether you need to file for bankruptcy or a consumer proposal, our helpful administrators across Canada are here to make your situation as easy as possible.

    Danger Signs

    Take control of your debt today

    Debt is not uncommon

    Debt is not an uncommon problem, and the worst thing you can do is ignore it in the hopes that it will go away. Many people, faced with job loss, unexpected expenses, medical crises or life changes, get into debt. You will not be judged, criticized or labelled when you come into our office for help. No matter what situation leads you to us, our experts will help you deal with it in an efficient, convenient, and professional manner. Call Harris & Partners Inc. to start a new, debt-free life today!

    Danger Signs

    Get debt help with Harris & Partners Inc.

    It’s never too late to obtain debt help. Call today for a free consultation ta one of our locations throughout Canada.

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    If you need help from those who specialize in solving debt problems, contact us at Harris & Partners Inc. Licensed Insolvency Trustee. In Canada, our federally Licensed Insolvency Trustees can help you achieve long-lasting financial solutions.

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